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Elder Scrolls Kink Meme

Welcome Skyrimmers!

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Skyrim Page 5 - "NAKED! Naked naked naked "
The Elder Scrolls Kink Meme
has moved to Dreamwidth!!

I looking for new Mods and Archivers
as well. If you are interested, please feel free to send me a message on Dreamwidth. Thanks! - and happy kinking!

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F!DB/Thalmor - Private Party at the Embassy

So the female dragonborn - perferrably of a human race - is on good terms with the Thalmor despite whatever faction she's aligned with. Maybe she's in a long term relationship with one of them but regardless they get along.

So one night she gets called to attend a party at the embassy. Only this is a party filled with members of the Thalmor only and they're very hard to please. Cue the dragonborn attending as a means to amuse them which she reluctantly agrees to for Elenwen (or Ondolemar if he asked for a favor or whoever)

Over the course of this, comments are made and it becmes apparent some of the Agents would like her to amuse them in ways she didn't expect. So the dragonborn finds herself servicing the Agents, female and male alike in one messy thalmor orgy.

I'd prefer it not to be outright non-con/dub-con but more of the dragonborn being reluctant to do such things (especially if she's in a relationship) but still accepting the terms given to her and even getting into it.

The obvious kinks in this would be size differences (big mer on a little human), double penetration, handjobs while giving oral, multiple orgasms, multiple partners, swallowing, facials, tugging on hair, dominance, etc. but I'd also like for the dragonborn to realistically be sore after and maybe having to answer for this if someone finds out. (A follower comes to mind like Lydia figuring it out or Marcurio) but that's not a requirement.

Though Bonus if there are other races there while this happens like Malborn and they get dragged into it.
Also double bonus if Ondolemar takes Elenwen during this. Don't ask. I just like them together.

Squicks are watersports, scat, and heavy violence.
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Re: F!DB/Thalmor - Private Party at the Embassy

SECONDING HARD AS HELL. this is all ive ever wanted in a prompt. especially the Bosmer servants at the party since they absolutely hate the thalmor but would eventually give in yesssss
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