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Elder Scrolls Kink Meme

Welcome Skyrimmers!

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Skyrim Page 5 - "NAKED! Naked naked naked "
The Elder Scrolls Kink Meme
has moved to Dreamwidth!!

I looking for new Mods and Archivers
as well. If you are interested, please feel free to send me a message on Dreamwidth. Thanks! - and happy kinking!

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Thalmor/F!DB - Clothing Kink

I have a huge Thalmor kink - for those bastard mer and their damn robes and what I would like is either a Thalmor Agent fucking the Dragonborn with his robes still on or the Dragonborn wearing a set of them while she gets taken by one of the Thalmor (Or maybe a regular Altmer. I'm looking at you Fasendil)

Bonus if this happens at the Thalmor Embassy.

Kinks: Clothing, size, a bit of rough sex/dominance
Squicks: Scat, Watersports, Gore
(Frozen) (Thread)

OP are you still here?

Any interest in getting a fill on this? I think I can whip something up :)
(Frozen) (Parent) (Thread)

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