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Elder Scrolls Kink Meme

Welcome Skyrimmers!

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Skyrim Page 5 - "NAKED! Naked naked naked "
The Elder Scrolls Kink Meme
has moved to Dreamwidth!!

I looking for new Mods and Archivers
as well. If you are interested, please feel free to send me a message on Dreamwidth. Thanks! - and happy kinking!

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F!DB/Fasendil/Thalmor agent "A friend of mine"

The F!DB loves the Thalmor and the Thalmor is friendly toward her even though she joined the Legion (after all she brought Ulfric's godammn head to them!)

While travelling with her fellow Legate from the Legion, she pays a visit to "a very good friend, you'll see!" of her and introduces him to her new friend: Fasendil meets a Thalmor agent!

Indeed, the two mermen hate each other (that goddamn traitor to his blood/that fucking Thalmor), but the F!DB is too happy to be with her friends that she doesn't notice the explosive atmosphere between the two brothers-in-kin.

And the Thalmor agent is jealous of her closeness with Fasendil. And Fasendil is jealous of how her friend and this Thalmor seem intimate.

Can some sweet anon write me this please? And can this anon tell me who the F!DB loves? (maybe in fact it's one of her housecarl. Or someone else.)

Kinks are: humor, jealousy, possession, friendship, forbidden affection

Chars: Legate Fasendil, a M!Thalmor agent of anon's choice
The F!DB can be any race you anon want her to be. A breton would be lovely for both size and human kink :3

Make me laugh anon!
(Frozen) (Thread)

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