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Aww that was very nice MartinAnon, thank you :D

DB/Falion - curing vampirism

We've all been there, we accidentally acquired Sanguinare Vampiris and forgotten all about, fast traveling and BAM! you're now an undead.

I'd love to see Falion coming up with multiple methods of ridding you with this horrid(and at times awesome) condition.
Maybe the dragonborn needs to gather Namira's rot and draugr teeth, maybe the DB needs to gather the cum of a Septim descendant or something third. Maybe the dragonborn accidentally bites Falion during the ritual, because they are blood-starved.

Looking for something smutty or cracky.

Squicks are bathroom stuff.

Bonus points for vampire teeth being used for kinky things, if A!A decides to write smut.

M!DB/M!LI - non-con, torture, rape aftermath

I’ve never had any of my prompts filled so far, but hell, I just had to prompt this, since it’s kinda my head canon...

The Thalmor (or any other evil group the author can think of, but let’s talk about Thalmor for the rest of the prompt for convenience’s sake) decide to get back at the DB the most efficient and obvious way: Kidnapping and torturing the DB’s spouse for information/revenge, or just for fun. Favored torture methods include (of course) non-con/dub-con. Feel free to go all out: gang rape, dp, spit-roast, whatever floats your boat. Only squicks are permanent mutilation and character death.

The spouse, however, remains utterly devoted to the DB and refuses to betray him. He strongly believes that the DB will come to save him…

The problem? The DB is on one of his longer journeys across Skyrim and doesn’t even know that his spouse is in mortal peril. So it takes some time until actual rescuing takes place.

The spouse wants to believe in the DB, but eventually starts breaking after the first weeks. When the DB actually comes for his spouse, he is a mental wreck.

I want to see the abuse, but mainly I want to see the aftermath: How does the DB try to help his lover get over it? Is the spouse even able to still enjoy consensual sex afterwards? Happy end with gentle, careful sex between the two lovers would be nice.
A!Anon can use any male DB, any male spouse.

Re: M!DB/M!LI - non-con, torture, rape aftermath

Are you me anon? I have almost posted this exact prompt so many times, then didn't, because I thought I might write it myself.

I've got two weeks until classes start back, so I am seriously tempted to fill this.

Thing is, I'll feel incredibly guilty about writing this if I pick the victim. I know that's idiotic, but I've got some wires crossed or something. So if OP (Or any anon, if OP is in the same boat.) will pick a spouse, I'll give this a shot.

Characters I could pull this off with are: Argis, Balimund, Belrand, Benor, Brynjolf, Calder, Cosnach, Farkas, Marcurio, Ralof, Stenvar, Torvar, Vilkas, or Vorstag.

Now I just need to go dig up the notes I made last time I was thinking about this.


I've seen plenty of young Dragonborns, but there's a sad dearth of older ones, alas. So let's remedy that, comrades! I'd love to see an older Dragonborn -male, female, it doesn't matter- helping Erandur deal with the aftermath of Nightcaller Temple, taking him to see the world, and eventually showing him Mara's love. And by that, I mean sex, obviously.

I am cool with all races! I especially love Redguards, orcs, and Dunmer. I also think it would be cool to see an Ohmes Khajiit, since not many people have played with the different Khajiit forms. You get bonus points for realistic sex in all its occasional awkwardness. No non/dubcon, please.

Re: Erandur/Older!Dragonborn

I love this prompt. So much.

Oh, this sounds awesome. And hilarious. And the kind of thing you might expect to read in one of the lore books. Weeeee :3

Misfire -- "Sanguine" -- 1/1

Sylvia hadn't expected entertainment of this caliber when she'd walked into the bar. She'd maybe expected a few drunks, a pick-up attempt or two, and if she was lucky, a fight.

Instead, she was given first-row seats to a drinking contest between a Daedric Prince and a mortal.

"Oh, this sounds awesome." She said with a chuckle, as she listened to the mortal laying out the rules. "And hilarious." She continued, realizing that the Prince was none other than Sanguine. She'd seen him before, had been the butt of his jokes before.

This time she was a spectator, and it was going to be wonderful. It was the ultimate contest between a foolish mortal and a tricky Daedric Prince.

It was the kind of thing you might expect to read in one of the lore books.

"Wheeeee." Said the man as he tumbled, unconscious, to the floor after a single drink.

Sanguine/F!DB + Clavicus Vile

After the adventure with Sanguine, the DB goes to Clavicus Vile and wishes for wild sex with Sanguine. Hilarity and Daedric madness ensues.

I'm really not picky on any details but make it as crazy as possible, because I mean these are some crazy princes. Also, female!DB please I don't care about the race or anything but I play a Breton if you can't decide. Thanks!

M!DB/M!LI - somnophilia, masturbation, creepy stalker

When my DB mastered the pick-pocket skill “perfect touch” (at least I think that was what it was called; you know, the one that lets you steal equipped armor), I found out that my DB was a bit sick in the head.

He would go into a town and wait until way after midnight, when he was certain that everyone in town was fast asleep. Then he would break into the house of some person that had caught his eye earlier and use his pick-pocket skills to strip said person in his sleep. And then my DB would stare at the naked man. And stare. Once for longer than an hour (my DB was thinking about marrying that man, and he had to make sure, you understand).
Why yes, I think that is a perfectly healthy behaviour coming from a creepy stranger who comes back to a town after spending weeks alone in the mountains hunting dragons and undead.

Well anyways, that’s what I’d like to see: The DB breaking into someone’s house to stare at their naked, sleeping form. Maybe he also starts touching. Maybe he starts masturbating. Maybe his victim wakes up somewhere along the line but pretends to still be asleep because he secretly enjoys the attention. Or maybe he just pretends to be asleep because he is afraid the scowling stranger will violate and brutally murder him if he starts making a scene. Any male LI is fine, though I would forever love you for an altmer. Or any mer, really. If you can somehow turn this into consensual sex, that would be awesome.

Re: M!DB/M!LI - somnophilia, masturbation, creepy stalker

I think that is the most hilariously creepily terrifying prompt I've ever seen and if I thought I could pull it off, I'd totally fill it.

Yet here I am, stalking it anyhow. Just to see how it plays out.

F Imperial Dragonborn/Ulfric

I'm afraid I've finally joined the legion of Ulfric lovers as last. If anyone could be as so kind to feed my current obsession, a story about an dark haired Imperial female on the Stormcloak side finally giving into Ulfric after the taking of Solitude. The tryst would preferably take place in the Palace of Kings with Ulfric somewhat surprised at his strong attraction to an Imperial. Emphasis on the height and size difference between the two will positively make me squee and earn the author a lifetime supply of cookie.

The only activities I would ask be refrained from is Anal activity and water sports. Other than that, surprise me!

Pluses would be if the Imperial was of a curvy build, and while I would like the Dova to have a good idea of what she is doing, being a virgin or not is completely up to the author. It would also be nice if Ulfric could have rather possessive tendencies to her, in and out of bed.

Thank you ahead of time! :D

Re: F Imperial Dragonborn/Ulfric

Mwahaha. And another one is converted. No one can resist Ulfric forever.


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Ulfric and Paarthurnax

So despite obviously never having met Paarthurnax, Ulfric probably has a great deal of respect for him: there's not a whole lot to do in High Hrothgar, and though it takes a certain type of young Nord to spend almost a decade up there studying he has nothing but admiration for someone who spends literally all of his time at the summit of the tallest goddamn mountain in the world. Arngeir probably speaks very highly of him, too, so whatever Ulfric and the Greybeards' relationship is now, his esteem for the elusive Paarthurnax shouldn't have diminished.

Anyway, something happens! I was thinking that he simply managed to come across the Atlas of Dragons somehow, but maybe the DB let it slip, or maybe ridiculous extenuating circumstances cause them to meet. Whatever happens, Ulfric learns the truth about Paarthurnax. WHAT DOES HE DO AND WHO DOES HE TALK ABOUT THIS TO.


-He wonders how he didn't figure it out earlier. I mean honestly, even ignoring the obvious dragon-y reclusiveness, his name is in the dragon tongue.
-ADVENTUUUUUUURE I dunno maybe he seeks out DB/Greybeards for answers.

If he gets to talk to Paarthurnax...

-Paarthurnax knows about Ulfric, even if they've never spoken. He's got to be at least a little aware of what the other Greybeards do, right?
-Wise dragon advice potentially hinting at a solution to the Civil War that involves happiness on both sides. Because god damn it.

There are a lot of bonuses but really the important thing is Ulfric sharing my pain. I cannot be the only one who was completely and totally gobsmacked by Paarthurnax being a dragon.

Re: Ulfric and Paarthurnax

Don't worry anon, when I first met Parthy I was like "Oh shit gotta kill this dragon" and then he started talking and I realised. It was the best twist ever.

Ulfric - Post Great War

I imagine after the great war Ulfric would have been in a pretty bad place thinking that everything that happened would have been his fault and all.
So I jut want a fill with an angsty Ulfric.
Perhaps he runs away, becomes depressed anything really, whatever happens is up to A!As
If you want to throw in a romance with some smut somewhere, I wouldn't be against that at all. This is a kink meme after all.

Fail sex!

So, this may or may not be based on something that happened to me this very evening ;) I'd like a story where two guys have anal sex but it doesn't quite work. No injuries, nothing squicky - just the man doing the penetrating was in too much of a hurry & lasts less than a minute. He then has to appease his rather pissed-off lover who was hoping for a good old ass-pounding :)

Any two unrelated human or elf males. The guy on the bottom should be really butch, manly, & a fierce warrior e.g. Vilkas, Jarl Balgruuf, Jarl Ulfric.

The guy providing the cock should be smaller & gentler, e.g. Athis, Erik the Slayer, pretty much any elf. This is for maximum hilarity when his lover growls at him & demands that he fixes the situation :)

Bonus points for setting this in the context of a long-term relationship, & extreme bonus points if you can work in the phrase "I only came a little bit"!

Re: Fail sex!

Oh sweet Sanguine...I may just have to fill this. Would you be OK with a Bosmer DB as the top?

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f!orc/m!nord impregnation

Just some nice smutty sex to make babies with. Can be DB or just some other nords. Not opposed to any fluff being thrown in either after said baby makin.


Odahviing turns into human, and falls in love with Dovahkiin.

Fem!Dragonborn or Fem!Odahviing. No slash.

please tell m this isn't the end of it D;

Misfire! Unending

Moaning, thrashing, toe-curling screams.

A book flies, pages flapping. The desk slams against the wall.

She feels him tear open her legs, throw them around his waist. She feels his hands clutch her hair and shoulders and aching breasts. His mouth is like fire on her skin, his erection hot against her thigh.

Oh, but he has other plans.

She cries out, digs her nails into the desk’s edge from where she sits atop it and the torn parchment and the spilled ink.

Come, my champion.” His voice is dark and smooth and haunting as he thrusts just barely within her. His pleasured hums envelope her, thrum against her eardrums with a steady rhythm that follows his slow, languid movements.

“Please.” Her lips are pressed roughly against his. “Tell m-mmm,” she struggles to talk through the heavy moans, has to pull back just to breathe.

“Tell me this isn’t the end of it?” The Dragonborn begs as she clenches the thick tentacle writhing against her slick walls.

He answers, buries the tentacle deeper, makes it as long as her mortal body can bear, and sets free his others to grope and squeeze and stroke her.

Hermaeus Mora always obliges his dear emissary.

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Any DB/Any LI, tragedy/emotional

I really just want to read something to shed all of my tears at.
I'd like any DB and LI, but prefer f!DB with a het relationship.
The DB dies, quickly, slowly, from a battle, from old age, anything.
Tragedy and heartbreak is the only real request, you choose lovey/sorrowful or dark/angsty or anything else.
I trust my feels in your capable hands, whoever may read this over.
Thank you.

Re: Any DB/Any LI, tragedy/emotional

Have you seen this fill? Very sad. You might like it.


F!DB/Farengar Secret-Fire Don't judge a book by its cover

Okay getting out of the way that OP has an inexplicable two the condescending mage. I don’t even understand it.
So DB does not look like a scholar or a mage but they are very knowledgeable, they just also like to wear heavy armor and carry a big weapon/mace and shield. Farengar condescending as always, DB comes by much to his surprise and starts enchanting late at night. He watches her and becomes intrigued. Smuts welcome but just a smut-less fill is okay too.

Any race is fine, *cough-cough-pick-a-redgaurd-cough*

If anyone fills this and does decide to throw in smut OP likes magic, dirty talk, voice,and OP's squicks are non-con waterplay and scat.

CoW - hot tub party

I dearly love the College of Winterhold. The apprentices. The faculty. Those, uh, weird wells of blue magic energy focus stuff in the Hall of Attainment, Hall of Countenance, and the courtyard that Drevis asks you to clean out. Isn't one of those things begging to be the center of a hot tub party? Let's heat that sucker up with some Alteration magic, strip down to our underoos, and break out some drinks. Any College NPCs, anything happens.

Re: CoW - hot tub party

Oh god I'm going to hell for this suggestion...
Hot tub time machine?

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M!DB/Any LI - "I would do anything!"

When you come to Markarth and get thrown into Ciddna Mine, one of the guys there asks about your family. The correct answer my DB would have had to pick would have been: “Why yes, sure, I just got married four days ago!” – but there was no option for that. So instead my DB ended up saying that his family was somewhere far away from Skyrim. It broke my heart a little, because until that point I thought my DB and his spouse were happy together, but apparently my DB doesn’t feel the same way.

So my plot bunny goes like this: When the DB went to Skyrim he left a family behind: Parents, brothers, sisters… but said family also includes a wife and a son/daughter. He kind of forgot to mention that fact when he proceeded to marry his Skyrim-spouse. The DB really loves his wife and kiddies, but he has been in Skyrim for months and men have needs, and all that. So he married a second time to have someone to warm his bed in Skyrim. The Skyrim-spouse is oblivious and all is well with the world.
Up until that fateful day when the DB’s wife or child suddenly stands on the spouse’s doorstep demanding that daddy comes back home again.

What happens from there is up to A!A.

I don’t care who the DB chooses to be with in the end, or whether the decision is hard or easy. I don’t care whether he actually loves his Skyrim-spouse or not.
I just want to see his shocked, devastated, heart-broken, desperate spouse who thought that he/she was the only one in the DB’s life and who now fears he/she will lose the DB forever. So the spouse desperately tries to make the DB stay. This includes agreeing to kinky bedroom stuff the spouse would not be comfortable with under normal circumstances. Surprise me: Bestiality, threesome, rough wall sex, whatever – I’m more about the mental and psychological problems than the actual physical stuff. OP has no squicks whatsoever.
Het or slash. I would prefer slash.

[TW: Incest, potential dubcon.] Camilla/Lucan Valerius, Lucan is possessive.

So Lucan is reluctant to let Camilla leave to find the claw, which is reasonable for siblings as close as they are. But what if they were closer than most good nords of Skyrim would be comfortable with?

As far as the villagers know, Camilla struggles to choose between Faedal and Sven because they're both fine guys.

They don't know that Camilla doesn't choose because she's already made a choice, and her choice goes to bed with her every night without anybody's suspicion when he's seen entering her room.

Bonus points: Lucan reminding her who she belongs to after a visit from Faendal/Sven, with rough sex and comeplay.

Anon is very much okay with dubcon for this scenario.

Re: [TW: Incest, potential dubcon.] Camilla/Lucan Valerius, Lucan is possessive.

Am I a bad person for wanting this to be a thing?

F!Nord!DB/human!Paarthurnax or Odahviing - Mara doesn't approve

I would like a fic, when one of the dragons is somehow turned to human, because he is in love with F!DB. Then they want to get married. Akatosh approves, but Mara not, so she changes the dragon back to dragon form during the ceremony in the middle of her temple. Mara's priest freaks out and faints, temple is a little devastated by a dragon inside, and DB is really angry. She declares the war to Mara itself, and then even werider things happen. And there is fluffy ending. ;)

Bonus if priest of Mara would actually faints and for some smut inside as well, but not necessarily.

Can be established relationship F!DB/Dragon, if you like.

oh, and F!Nord!DB please. ;D

Re: F!Nord!DB/human!Paarthurnax or Odahviing - Mara doesn't approve - OP here

Oh, and naturally it has to be het relationship. No slash no femslash. I'm adding this just to be sure, that prompt is not too messy to understand. ;)

Thanks in advance.

For the love of the DB

I'd hereby like to re-post a prompt from October.
It has been answered already (one of the best Cicero fics ever!) but I think this prompt has so much potential that it should be asked again.
The original prompt was:

[i]Any NPC (entirely your choice) falls in love with the DB. The DB is currently the leader of at least one faction, but not the faction his admirer is part of. So, the secret admirer decides to do something entirely out of character and join the DB's faction in an attempt to be closer to them / win them over.

I'd like to see a Brynjolf who will join the mages-college, or a Vilkas who will join the thieves-guild, or a Cicero who will join the Companions, or a Brelyna who will side with the Stormcloaks etc. etc.

Do whatever you want, but mix up the factions for me :D Surprise me!

Extra points if the NPC secretly admires the DB from afar for a while before getting introduced to him/her; I also especially love anonymous letters and gifts, and - of course - steamy smut if you want.[/i]

Re: For the love of the DB

Eeeee!! I am the A!A who filled the original with said Cicero fic, but would love to see someone else give it a go (especially if it involves either Brynjolf or Vilkas, oh god Vilkas trying to learn magic, oh god).

Male Dragonborn/Svana - First Time

I( was just (kinda) annoyed with Svana being a bit...bitchy regarding Haelga but at the same time - I understood.

I would love to read where Male-Dragonborn decides to show Svana just what she's been missing - I got the impression she didn't have much to do with men - probably due to the fact her aunt has probably slept with them.

Bonus if Male-Dragonborn tempts her at first - she is relucant but soon finds herself wanting him and eventually giving in.

Extra points if Svana is a virgin and Dragonborn is rough with her. Some girls can take the pain and she doesn't want it all slow and romantic, she wants it rough.

Cookies to those who wants to put in Haelga watching but is is not necessary.

Male-Dragonborn is up to the writer.

Female-Dragonborn or Fem-Mage/Brynjolf - sex magic

Exactly what it says on the tin!

I have this strange fascination with sex magic and I would love to read where a Female-Dragonborn uses it on Brynjolf during sex.

1 - Fem-Dragonborn can't be with the Thieve guild. She came to Riften during her travels after graduating Winterhold College where she meets Brynjolf and he became attracted to her.

2 - Sex against the wall, another kink that I like *blushes*. Fem-Dragonborn uses her magic to tease Brynjolf and he can't help himself, taking her against the wall while she still uses it. It can be either her magic or her 'shout'.

3 - Invisbility - if the writer would like to play around with the idea - go right ahead! (This was one of the things that pops into my head whenever I use this ablilty)

For the magic - I would like a bit of difference than we see in the game, for example if she was to use ice magic, her fingers change colours to blue and leaves trails of ice down whatever skin she traces and so on.

Fem-Dragonborn - this can be left up to the writer but I do have a fondness for a Brenton-mage and Brynjolf (mostly because of the height difference)

Another thing - Fem-Dragonborn doesn't have to be a Dragonborn but does at least need to be the hero of Winterhold College (Arch-Mage).

Go wild with the magic ^^

Fem-Dragonborn/Hadvar - Reward

Female-Dragonborn joined the Imperial because she wanted to get closer to Hadvar - even though she still thinks the Empire is stupid and people should be able to pray to whomever they want to pray to.

As a result, she rises through the ranks helping out the Imperial with their missions and she gets closer to Hadvar as a result.

But once after the battle for Windhelm, Hadvar starts avoiding her much to her confusion and annoyance because she thought they were getting close so she decides that she needs a reward for doing her job.

Her reward - Hadvar. She asks General Tullius or Legate Rikke for Hadvar as her personal slave - much to his shock - but Tullius or Rikke easgerly gives her Hadvar, anything for the Dragonborn who helped them out.

So she begins to break him...by teasing him.

She makes him run her bath and help bathe her
He is to give her massages
He helps her whenever she is hurt after a battle, getting her out of her armour, putting on salves and such

It doesn't help that Hadvar is actually attracted to the Dragonborn but he feels that he wouldn't be good enough for her now that she has accomplished all these things so he decides to step back so he wouldn't get hurt if she finds someone-else.

Eventually, he breaks and takes her, much to her delight and to his astonishment she tells him that the waiting was completely worth it. She helps him to get rid of his fear that she would want someone else when she only wants him.

Female-Dragonborn - this can be left up to the writer but I do have a fondness for Hadvar/Nord-female.

Teasing - major plus

Dragonborn getting turned on by him bathing/massaging her - she moans his name

Hadvar being frustrated at first due to the unreleased tensions but it's all forgotten when she gets hurt and he worries over her, even telling her off.

Bonus - if the telling off results in him deciding to dominate her by spanking before taking her roughly.

Fem-Dragonborn/Hadvar - Match-Making

Female-Dragonborn has always been attracted to Hadvar but she put it out of her mind due to the war and dealing with the fact that she is a Dragonborn.

She's in Riften with her best friends, Sapphire and Lydia - you can add other friends - when Hadvar walks into the Pub and she is delighted to see him again. Hadvar seems happy to see her.

After getting the Amulet of Mara, she decides that she wants to give a relationship with Hadvar a try and wears the amulet to let Hadvar know but unfornately for her, it makes him back off.

Sapphire and Lydia ends up watching the scene and feels sorry for their best friend who is obviously head-over-heels for the Imperial Solider, who returns her feelings, but he doesn't seem to catch on that she wants to be with him.

So both of them plot to get Hadvar to see the Dragonborn wants him which leads to whole bunch of mix up.

Bonus - Brynjolf somehow finds himself in the middle of the love affair which results in Hadvar being jealous of him and the Dragonborn being annoyed at him for being an 'over-protective brother'.
Extra bonus if he is the one to knock some sense into Hadvar regarding the Dragonborn's feeling.

Cookies if Haelga tries seducing Hadvar and Dragonborn being jealous, making petty remarks regarding Haelga's reputation. This leads to either Hadvar smacking Haelga down verbally or Dragonborn putting Haelga back in her place.

Female Dragon - up to the writer but again, Fem-Nord/Hadvar is still a weakness.

Sapphire and Lydia gives Dragonborn ideas of how to flirt and what to wear in order to get Hadvar's attention.

Sapphire has to at least comment how much she wants to smack Hadvar over the head, Lydia returns saying she wants to bang their heads together.

Someone else seeing the Amulet of Mara on Dragonborn and asks for her hand in marriage in front of Hadvar.

Rough or slow sex in the end when Hadvar finally gets it that the Dragonborn wants him.


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