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Skyrim Page 3 - "Either you're naked, or I'm drunk. Maybe both."


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"Some may call you junk; me, I call you treasure."

This line has to be used. Anything else is fine. Any race.

Treasured 1/1

There was no one else like her in all of Skyrim, and she was his.

Not the kind of his that just existed in his possessive mind, because he was possessive of his beautiful woman, but it was more than that. Belethor loved her, all of her, the dragonborn part that she'd just discovered, her prickly and oft times sarcastic nature, the flame that she could shoot from either palm.

She was a Breton like him, after all and such skill had become part of them. He was almost proud of her prowess with magic, but it was eclipsed by her penchant for beheading enemies with a warhammer nearly as big as her. They called his wife fearsome, but in reality she was much more than that.

So it didn't bother him when he saw his wife after weeks apart that she grunted at him and gave him a perfunctory kiss on the cheek and stomped upstairs, clanking in heavy armor made for a larger frame. The steady stream of curses she let out as she healed herself was like a soothing passage of music to him, just to hear her in their home again. He didn't mind that she was upstairs heating a bin of water with flames that could burn his shop to cinders and leave them homeless. With anyone else, he might have been more than a little worried, but not the Dragonborn, not his wife.

He knew her, like no one else did.

Belethor waited, finishing his daily business and locking the door to his shop. It hadn't been so long ago that his business had included her, coming back to sell off merchandise plucked from the bodies of her felled enemies. She would storm into his store, cut him off in the middle of his practiced greeting and open up her overburdened pack. He smiled at the memory, stopping on his way upstairs to listen.

He couldn't hear her any longer, no errant step, no scrambling about or muttering under her breath. This was a good sign. It meant that the bathing, healing and eating were done, it meant that he'd find her in bed, which is where he intended to make her stay.

"I'm here, my love." He said, standing in the doorway.

"Shut up." She said in a sleepy voice, rolling away from the sight of him bathed in unwelcome light shining in from the other room.

Belethor, undeterred, crawled into the bed next to her after disrobing. He was in nothing but his smallclothes, laying next to her, listening to her breathe. It had been so long since she'd been home last, and he longed to run fingers over her skin, to kiss the underside of her jaw and make her moan his name. But later, all of that would come later. There was an art to this.

"Some may call you junk; me, I call you treasure." He whispered into her hair, and waited, silently, hardly breathing. It was what he'd said the first time they'd met, when he'd tripped over his opening line at the sight of her. The laughter started as a snort that descended into a loud caw of a laugh, with the bed shaking from her spasms.

"I love you, Belethor." She said, pulling him closer. "You can always make me smile." At last he got his long awaited kiss, knowing just how to coax it from his grumpy wife. Hands roamed over his bare chest, tangling in his long dark hair.

"I missed you, my sweet." He murmured, kissing her back. In the next moment, she was no longer dragonborn with too many responsibilities and too little time, but his treasured wife, who needed him to remind her what she was fighting for.

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I'd like a story in which Delvin tries to pick up a woman (any woman will do - Maven, Haelga, Vex, Dragonborn, etc.) using _only_ advice and pickuplines he got from Brynjolf.

Has been asked before but nobody wrote anything. Please?

Re: Delvin

Second! Someone please write this :D

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I have a confession to make: I've never really been a fan of the elves' character designs.

But Karliah... I don't know if it's her soft voice or her blue eyes or what, but she's adorable.

And not only do we not have enough Karliah on this meme, but there's also not enough femslash! This problem must be fixed!

Bonus Points: F!DB is an Imperial, Nord, or Breton; this happens after the main Thieves' Guild quests (So basically, after Mercer is dead, you return the Skeleton Key, and you become the guildmaster)

Super-Duper Bonus Points: Comfort!Sex- Maybe Karliah is still depressed about Gallus being dead. Maybe our DB has broken down due to the stress of saving the world from the dragons. What ever the scenario is, it's up to anon.

Re: F!DB/Karliah

I've started something for this. Not sure if it will lead to smut, but there will be comforting/relationship things.

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Dunmer!DB/Dunmer!NPC -- Learning a new language

Our Dunmer Dragonborn has just escaped Helgen, and is stranded in Skyrim. What's worse is, s/he doesn't speak Common (English, Tamriellic, one and the same), and not a whole lot of people in Skyrim speak Dunmeri. What I'd like to see is one of the Dunmer NPCs trying to teach our DB Common, and either ultimately succeeding, or failing horrifically. Maybe some traveling is involved, translation having to go along with that.
Bonus points for comedy being thrown in there somewhere, and points if a fluffy relationship starts to develop between the two.
Gender of either doesn't matter in the least.

Re: Dunmer!DB/Dunmer!NPC -- Learning a new language

Oh my goodness.
This needs to be filled addsffdgdf


The Dragonborn and Aela are happily together and while the sex is OK, Aela reveals that she only ever really gets into it when her lover is in their werewolf form.

How the Dragonborn deals with this revelation is up to you.

I'd prefer a female or futa Dragonborn, but male is OK too.

Thrilling (1/?)

A/N: Long time creeper, but first-time filler anon. As such, constructive criticism would be appreciated.



Lydia jolted awake to a pitch-black room and the sounds of a crash, senses fully alert, muscles tensed, hand grasping for her sword.

She listened intently for a moment, eyes searching the impenetrable darkness before relaxing back onto the bed and letting out her held breath with a sigh.

They were at it again.

Through her not-thick-enough doorway came the sounds of the Dragonborn and her lover, Aela, furiously engaged in either battle or love-making; it was hard to determine which most of the time.

Heavy, ragged breathing, moans, muffled thuds, a curse, another moan and the decidedly wet sounds of flesh meeting flesh all served to turn Lydia's face a deep shade of red.

It wasn't her business what the famous Dragonborn did in bed, but it worried her that a mammoth might decide to stumble around the house and she wouldn't be able to tell the difference. And the messes they left in the morning...

Lydia rolled over to face the wall, placing her pillow over her head and dreading the clean up of whatever vase or jar they had broken to wake her up.

As the moans penetrated through her pillow, Lydia screwed her eyes shut with frustration and sighed. As bothersome as it was, it sounded as though Aela was a lucky woman... Her own hands betrayed her and slid down the front of her smallclothes. Maybe once would help her get back to sleep...



The uncouth exclamation came through clenched teeth as Jane, famed Dragonborn, struggled in vain from the floor to extricate the tangle of bodies from the sheets that clung her, Aela, and the bed.

Hands pinned above her head, she kicked at the sheets, holding them in place with one foot and attempting to gather and remove them with the other.

Raising her hips to kick the sheets out from under her solicited a moan from her lover, currently stretched out above her and pinning her hands above her head.

Aela's eyes were closed, her mouth open, head tilted back as she pushed her own hips back against the hardness that penetrated her.

Sustained use of powerful Conjuration and Alteration spells, combined with too many encounters with rogue wizards, necromancers, warlocks, Daedric lords, and strange magicks had left even the resistant Breton uniquely "gifted".

Aela certainly hadn't seemed to mind when Jane's "gift" of an 8-inch penis had been revealed, preferring instead to jump Jane in the depths of the ancient crypt they had been making their way through.

And Jane certainly couldn't mind as Aela began rocking her hips back and forth, eyes locked on Jane's and her breath coming in short, hard gasps.

Jane struggled to make her hips match Aela's rhythm, but with her hands above her head and feet tangled in sheets, she could only thrash about ineffectually.

Aela brought her face closer to Jane's, their hot breaths mingling in the small space between them. Jane struggled to free her hands, desperate to touch Aela, to feel her skin, soft breasts, anything.

However, she could only struggle, bringing a half-smile to Aela's face as she watched Jane's lose composure. Jane was moaning faster, toes curling and uncurling, feeling her release building up.

"Come, Dragonborn, where are your mighty Thu'um? Your powerful spells? You can easily overpower me. Become one with Hircine, bind me with your magic, give yourself more strength."

But Jane's moans were coming in unchecked now as Aela rocked her hips faster, lowering her head to kiss Jane's ear. Jane's breath rasped through her clenched teeth as Aela rode her at a breakneck pace, never stopping.

Jane's eyes squeezed shut, her mouth opened in a silent yell, and her body arched like a bow up into Aela as her climax reached her. Jane's member throbbed into Aela, spurting a long strand of cum deep inside Aela before Jane's hips fell back to the floor.

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Can we get some femslashy foeyay up in here, please? I suspect Mjoll the Lioness is subconsciously attracted to Maven Black-Briar. Perhaps Maven suspects it too, and decides to find out. Or maybe it's the other way around, and well all know Maven is a woman who's used to getting whatever she wants.

Things I would like to see in this fic: dubcon, bondage, humiliation, and forced orgasms. Bonus points for spanking and/or anal penetration.

Things I would NOT like to see in this fic: het, slash, anything involving feces or urine.

Someone please make it happen!

Re: Maven/Mjoll

Femslash, foe yay, Maven, dubcon, bondage and forced orgasms? Are you me, anon?

Seconded so, so, so, so hard.

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Vex needs love too and she wants it from the Dragonborn, a young new attractive member of the guild.
The Dragonborn seems interested in Sapphire though and the worst part of all is Sapphire seems to flirt back!
Vex is having none of it and the thieve used to just taking what she can't have will do just about anything to get the Dragonborn to bed.
I want Vex to actually get with the Dragonborn in the end so she can't run off into the sunset with Sapphire.
I would also prefer to have a Nord Dragonborn.

Things to include for bonus internets:
1. Vex being a major cock block (is there a female version?)
2. Vex actually catching the Dragonborn and Sapphire in a sexual act of any description.
3. Vex cornering the Dragonborn and forcing herself upon her.
4. The Dragonborn being reluctant at first but eventually gets really into it as they go to bed.

Bit specific I know but everything else is up to A!A

Re: Vex/F!DB

I think the female version is twat stopped...

I'd write it, but I can't write decent smut to save my life.

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F!DB/Vilkas - Jealous, are we?

Basically there's not enough love for Vilkas because this man in a brooding hunk of a nord.

I want to see the DB coming back to Jorrvasker after being gone for a little while (your choice on reasons why) and after coming back home, Vilkas confronts her about where she's been. They get into an argument, and I want to see things get heated - and I mean really heated! - before it just dissolves into both jumping each other's bones because they couldn't stand the sexual tension any more.

- Vilkas taking DB up against a wall
- "I can smell him on you!" that line needs to be used by Vilkas! :D
- Vilkas having unrequited (or so he thinks) feelings which he had hid previously under cutting remarks or insults.
- Wood elf DB preferred, but as long as no beast races/orcs I'm fine with.

Re: F!DB/Vilkas - Jealous, are we?

I second this. I second this HARD.

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A victim of the Dark Brotherhood learns what it means when they say their victims will be "serving Sithis in the Void."


Seconded, for Daedra sex is the best kind of sex

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M!Dragonborn/Jarl Elisif "I'll Make a Man Out of You"

The Imperial-aligned Dragonborn and Jarl Elisif are close. I don't particularly care whether it's platonic, or Tullius arraigned a marriage, or it's a passionate love affair, but somehow they're close. In order to get down to business and defeat the Thalmor, the DB is determined to turn Elisif from a milk-drinking Imperial puppet into a true warrior queen who would have been able to kick Ulfric's ass had he challenged her in the old way.

Super bonus points if there are further references to the Disney movie I've already made references to.


Anything sweet between two lizard ladies, all I ask is that there's oral.
...And that the PC has a pink coloration.

Re: F!Argonian!PC/Shahvee

Working on it. Hope OP is still out there. :)

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Ulfric Captures DB

So, awhile ago I saw this prompt; http://skyrimkinkmeme.livejournal.com/3288.html?thread=1549272

And it was filled by a lovely A!A, but I was curious to see the opposite spectrum. What if Ulfric captures the DB, as wouldn't it be sort of like capturing a live dragon? After all, the DB could be considered more dangerous than one - - and my favorite Jarl is all about what sounds better in song.

I'd prefer a female Breton, but in all honestly, I could go for male. Race isn't -too- important, but I'd like the DB to be shorter than Ulfric (as I love size differences). Uh, not a fan of Orcs/Beast races in this scenario.

I'd also like it if Ulfric managed to keep his gentleman-like composure when speaking to the DB, if at all possible.

Re: Ulfric Captures DB

For the love of Talos, this must be done!!! I'll begin this right away! No,this is a prompt we all can do!

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Ondolemar/F!Dovahkiin - Racial 'Tensions'

This anon mostly wants a female Nord Dragonborn to piss Ondolemar off with Talos worship and for him to back her into a very sexual corner.

Specifics/kinks: dubcon, fingering, height difference, fight for dominance, frequent racial/religious insults from both parties. Anything else is probably okay (bondage, light bloodplay, whatever) but feces/urine/gore is a please-no

Bonus points: Dragonborn eventually gets upper hand but dubcon has turned to fullcon and she stays to finish what he started.
The sentence, "I can make you come with two fingers, whore of Talos" (from Ondolemar, obviously)

Please and thank you; I will gift you with a free butt touch voucher if you fill this *U*

Re: Ondolemar/F!Dovahkiin - Racial 'Tensions'

I second this :D

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Jorvvaskr Orgy

I would love to see a massive orgy at Jorrvasker between the Dragonborn and his/her followers. I don't care if the DB is male or female. But the one thing I do want is Lydia and any other female getting DP'd and it ends in a Bukkake of the girls.

Re: Jorvvaskr Orgy

Since I just discovered that I have fun writing group sex, I'll see if I can turn this into a story in the next day or two. :D Wish me luck.

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Dragonborn - Dragon-like Tendencies

So, we know that the Dovahkiin is a mortal man with the soul of a dragon, right? But we also see the Dragonborn running around and stealing the souls of his/her dragon foes. So, I would be interested in seeing a Dovahkiin that becomes more and more like a dragon with every soul he/she "devours". This could be expressed in actions, thoughts, etc...maybe the more souls he/she absorbs, the more inclined he/she becomes to using the dragon language, which they had not previously known?

This prompt can be taken in any light you want to see it in - it could be crack, angst, gen, smut (somehow)...let your minds go crazy. The Dragonborn can be of any race, gender and sexuality you please, and with any partner, should you choose to include romance, but it's not necessary to do so.

This was a thought I had throughout the whole of my most recent Skyrim playthrough, and I thought I might see if anyone found it interesting enough to write about.

FILL "Joor Kaal? Joor Qahnaarin?" 1/?

Please forgive my horrible Dovanese. Its like klingon but with grammar rules...

It was a sunny day in Windhelm, a relative rarity for the city. The inhabitants went about their daily business, whilst Ulfric Stormcloak plotted within his keep.

Aeyla was happy. The sun was shining, the smell of sea-water was rich in the air, and the seemingly ever present blustering wind that gave the city its name had finally died down. The breton could not think of a place she would rather be.

She was particularly glad of the chance to relax for not 2 days past she had been in a fight for her life, against the strongest dragon she had ever faced. She had defeated the great beast at length, and had taken a startlingly large amount of glee in the absorbance of its soul.

At the start, she had been alarmed and wary of the soul taking, and had only recently began taking any sort of pleasure in it. The very fact that she was taking any joy was worrying, and she had resolved to take a few days in the enjoyably chilly city to relax.

The peace was broken as a loud cry emanated from the docks. Curious, Aeyla strode down, and the sight she beheld froze her veins.

Five or six Altmer children, no more then eight or nine winters old each, were shackled and bound together. Several Nords surrounded them, jeering and bullying the children towards the direction of the keep.

Something in Aelya snapped. What honor was there in this? What man called himself a warrior for doing this? She strode forward, words barking out of her mouth.


The soldiers turned as one towards her.

"Aam? Fahliil Kirre Aar? This is how Pruzaan Kaalle of the Bronne Krif Kein? Where is Zini? Nid Ahkrini, Nid Kahi?"

One of the soldiers leered at her.

"What kinda speech is that, doesn't sound like common to me. Maybe we got ourselves an elf spy here!"

Aeyla silenced him with a glare that had scared trolls.

"Sahlo Joore, Wahlaan Slen Ahrk Qeth. Bovul Bron, Wah Juni. Tell him if I see this Vul again, I will become Bron Kriid, and his rebellion will be Daanik."

The soldiers ran, and Aeyla set about freeing the children. It was only when one of them gasped and pointed at her eyes that she realized she had no idea what she ahd just said. She ran to the water and looked in.

Two yellow, slitted eyes stared back at her.


Yeah, I kinda got too into the Dovanese bit and the rest of the story was lame. Hope i got the idea across, OP.

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This is my first request so I'm kind of nervous...
Marcurio was one of my favorite followers,I mean he's just throwing fireballs or shooting lighting and he has saved me a countless amount of times.

- I'd prefer Breton,Nord, or an Elf but whatever floats your boat!
- dubcon or noncon your choice
- You can change the story if you don't like it
The DragonBorn can barley stand Marcurio being as sassy and arrogant as he is but when he starts flirting with him the DB turns him down every way possible (like making excuses, changing the subject or just ignoring him) Marcurio doesn't give up and somehow gets his way.

Re: Marcurio/M!DB

I wouldn't mind seeing this. I've also grown attached to Marcurio as a follower- I'd love to see a fellow anon flesh him out :)

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General Tulius+Ulfric Stormcloak

During the "Season Unending" quest, the dragonborn goes all "Screw this, I'm outta here!" Now Ulfric, Tulius, Galmar, and Rikke all have to work together to bring the dragonborn back so he/she can do their damn job.

I'd prefer something lighthearted and humorous.


(Because I play a female dark elf, I'm going to use a female dark elf in this. Hope OP doesn't mind.)

Ulfric glowered at the so-called General Tullius who sat opposite him. His Lapdog Rikke next to him.
Galmar nudged the nord with his elbow, leaning in to whisper in his ear. "If this stalemate goes on for much longer, I may harm the Dragonborn."
Ulfric snorted softly. "She has chosen the Legion, you may yet be able to harm her."
Said woman rustled about some maps, trying to determine the best course of action with giving out territories to ensure that everyone is happy.
She may be a member of the Imperial Legion but she knows to be fair.
"Then Riften shall go to the Legion while-" The elf jumped as Galmar slammed his hand down onto the table.
"ENOUGH! I will not allow you to hand over every key point to these Imperial DOGS!"
Tullius rubbed his temple, arm on the stone slab of a table. "Yes, it is true that Riften allows us a direct trading route with Cyrodiil but this is the Dragonborn's decision."
Ulfric narrowed his eyes at the man. "Then she is choosing favourites after declaring to be fair and even in this so-called truce meeting."
Rikke jumped to her feet. "Giving you The Pale cut off trade routes across the sea, thank you very much, Stormclogs!"
The four standing, and yelling, people silence at the bellow from the elf at the head of the table.
The air crackled with energy and they quickly realised that she had barely contained a Shout.
The elf's red eyes narrowed. "Since you clearly will not listen to me, sort out your own mess. I only came to Skyrim to get some damn good-quality fur blankets."
The Dragonborn walked out of the room.
The silence was a pregnant whore.
Rikke cleared her throat. "We clearly cannot do this ourselves. We have to find a way to bring the Dragonborn back."
Three sounds of agreement came from the others and they poured into ideas.
"I heard from the market's in Windhelm that she likes horker steak."
"The Finest Raiment in Solitude says she has a slight obsession with circlets."
Then we get her horker steak and circlets!"

A week later, the Dragonborn in her Whiterun home had answered a knock at her door and nearly screamed.
Ulfric Stormcloak, General Tullius, Legate Rikke and Galmar Stone-Fist all stood outside her door, holding trays of horker steak and circlets of all types.
"Dragonborn, since we are fighting children, we need you to negotiate for us. Here are offerings!"
They spoke in unison and bowed, holding the trays out.
Even the elf, having gotten used to a life on a pedestal, felt frightened by this show of gifts.

(First fill I've done. I hope OP likes it. I've done my best. :3)


You know what I think would be interesting? Femslash involving Elisif and the Dragonborn.

I'm a sucker for UST; and there's lots of potential for UST with DB/Elisif cause, you know, her husband died not too long ago. To add to the UST, I specifically asked for the DB to be a Nord, cause, well... you know, it's awkward with the whole Civil War thing going on.

Other than that specification, I'm open to all kinks (Except for anything involving scat)

Bonus points for the DB being completely neutral in the war

Re: F!Nord!DB/Elisif


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Erikur is one of the biggest assholes in this game. He's rude, disrespectful to everyone around him, has a bosmer slave tortured for refusing to have sex with him, and to top it off, he's essential.

I want to see him suffer. Maybe the Dragonborn calls him out at court over the bosmer and Elisif has his ass tossed in jail to be Sybille's lunch. Or maybe ambushed in a dark alley. Whatever happens, it needs to be slow and painful.

Re: Erikur

Yes, this. All my want.

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I noticed how unhappy the marriage between Alvor and Sigrid.
So after the DB and Hadvar escape Helgen and go to Riverwood to get help from Alvor the DB falls head over heals for him and starts tending to him where his wife doesn't. After returning from Whiterun she beings to do things like catch him water, help around the forge and he trains her to be a better blacksmith. She stays in Riverwood and after a while Alvor sees what is she is doing. What happens after that is up to A!A but Alvor and the DB do have the sexy time whatever happens.
Bonus points if;
1. When they first arrive in Riverwood Sigrid says the line; "You're pretty, I'll give you that. Just stay away from my husband, Alvor."
2. Alvor takes the Dragonborn in the dead of night against the workbench.
3. Hadvar loves the DB and catches her and his Uncle in the act.

Nord or Breton DB preferred

Re: Alvor/F!DB

Oooh Oooh Oooh~ I wanna write this! This could be fantastic. Now to do some research. :D

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Marcurio/F or M!DB - Ticklish

Dragonborn of any race or gender is tired of Marcurio's constant dry and arrogant attitude and decides that they're going to get him to stop complaining and smile for once if it kills them.

When they find out that Marcurio is very ticklish, they figure this is the perfect way to do it, and take devious advantage.

Re: Marcurio/F or M!DB - Ticklish

yessss that is so cute, he deserves it to >:3

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could be any DB really, even an M!DB, but prefer human or elf F!DB.

Faendal thought he loved Camilla, that is until he met the Dragonborn.

bonus points if this takes placee right after escaping Helgen, and DB goes to stay with Faendal after helping him with the forged letter, and leaves Hadvar or Ralof's relative's place.

extra bonussss internet cookies and ice cream if he tutors her in archery ;)

sexings would be lovely but completely optional

Seconded so much! I need more Faendal in my life.

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F!DB/Vilkas + selfish secrety secrets

After reluctantly helping Farkas cure his lycanthropy, the Dragonborn fears losing the rest of her pack - especially her mate, Vilkas, whom she conveniently neglects to tell that she still has three of the Glenmoril Witches' heads in her possession. But what happens when he finds out she's been hiding the cure he has wanted for so long?

Bonus points!
- Dragonborn is a Nord (and therefore ought to have a better understanding of what Sovngarde means to other Nords)
- Massive altercation between Dragonborn, Aela, and the twins in Ysgramor's Tomb (DB & Aela on one side, the twins on the other)

Re: F!DB/Vilkas + selfish secrety secrets

NOOOOOOO. Why are there so many prompts I want to fill right now!?

This sounds like it would make a fantastic story, and I may have to just add another fill to my list.

Lydia/Ysolda/M Dovakin

Before the Dragonborn became Thane of Whiterun, Lydia & Ysolda had a NSA relationship, when Lydia becomes Housecarl to the DB she has to stop it, she also sometimes screws the DB after a skirmish

but then the DB falls for Ysolda and they get married, Lydia doesn't know what to do. then one night while the DB is away on Companion business, Ysolda gets lonely and seduces Lydia, then the DB comes come to find his wife & housecarl in bed together, he is speechless and turned on.

things get really steamy.

race of DB is up to the anon, but I would prefer an Orismer

Re: Lydia/Ysolda/M Dovakin


"either you're naked or i'm drunk. maybe both."

take this line wherever, anon. (bonus points if involves torvar or cosnach, but seriously, go where you want.)

Minifill: Booze and Marriage just don't mix 1/1

"Hey, Cosnach. Time to wake up!" Anja grabbed her unconscious husband by the shoulders and shook him until he was awake.

"Who are youuu?" The absent-minded Breton gave her a strange look. Anja sighed with frustration and slapped him upside the head.

"It's me, Anja. Your wife."

"I'm married?! Woahhh, when did this happen?!"

"Yesterday afternoon. I kicked your ass in a drunken brawl at the Silver-Blood Inn then you proposed to me. Then we got married at the Temple of Mara in Riften, remember?"

"Nooo, not reallyyy..."

"Oh, for the love of Talos..."

Letting him drink heavily on their wedding night was a bad idea. The worst part of it was that he had forgotten about the wedding and the amazing sex they had last night. The flustered Nord woman climbed out of bed and walked over to the other side of the room to get her armor and weapons.

"Woahhh. Either you're naked or I'm drunk. Maybe both," Cosnach said while giving her a suggestive look. Anja couldn't help but smile a little. It was the same look he had given her right before they made love the other night.

"Both..." she sighed.

"Hey, I ain't complainin'."


(A/N: Ehhh, I tried. XD )

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