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Skyrim Page 2 - "Would you like food, drink, or something else perhaps?"


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The Holes In Breezehome

"Lydia, what happened to the ceiling?"
"I don't know, my Thane. It definitely wasn't like this the last time we were here, though..."
This wasn't the first time strange things happened to Amaryllis.
Mammoths would sometimes fall from the sky and nearly crush her, bandits would offer a handshake and ask how she was faring, spiders started tap dancing on occasion, and once she'd even seen a Falmer breakdance in Alftand. Mjoll and Lydia could vouch for her on that, they'd seen it, too. The first time the Dunmer had set foot into Whiterun, all the guards were naked save for their helmets. Multiple tiny Nazeems would strut about like they ruled the place, asking if she "got to the Cloud District often". When she visited the College of Winterhold, dragon bones fell out of the sky and knocked Lydia out cold for a good two days. And she would be loathe to forget the time she'd simply shoved a Draugr and it fell to the ground, dead, or the look on Irileth's face when she'd hurried in to tell Farengar about the dragon, only to find him and Delphine in their smallclothes.
But this? This was going just a bit too far. Amaryllis and Lydia has just walked into Breezehome after a long day of exploring caves and solving the mysteries of murder on the roads (it had been Lydia who first noticed the Falmer arrows by the fallen cart on the road, and pointed them both towards Shimmermist Cave), only to find pieces of the roof and walls missing, and not even the clouds were visible through them! It was nothing but blue in the spaces where there was no wall, and when the mer tentatively poked a hand through the holes, it felt as if a vacuum were sucking her whole arm through. She sighed, taking Lydia's hand and walking straight back out the door.
"My Thane, where are we going?"
"I'm going to see if going back in again changes anything."
"...No offense, but you're crazy."
"I know."
Amaryllis and Lydia waited for what seemed like hours, and then opened the door of Breezehome again. Sure enough, the holes were gone. The Thane of Whiterun sighed. Sheogorath had better be having a jolly good laugh right about now.

((My first fill ever~ Hope you enjoyed it!))
((Tags: char: F!PC , char: Lydia , kink: crack/humor , race: Nord , race: Dunmer ))

Re: The Holes In Breezehome

I actually just read all of these fills in one go, and had to take a break before commenting. It took a while to get my breath back, is all! What with all the laughing and the stitch in my side, I needed a moment! All of these are awesome, and I laughed especially hard at the ones that have personally happened to me (like not being able to drop the amulet, and falling through floors).
All of these are awesome, is what I'm saying, and make me want to share my own reality-breaking fun.

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