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So, supposing the Dragonborn decides to let Paarthurnax live and betray the Blades. Paarthurnax lets DB in on a little secret. Now that Alduin is dead, dragons are breeding for the first time in millenia. Suppose DB gets it in his/her head to steal an egg or fledgling dragon and secretly raise it to think the mortal races are friendly? Maybe s/he makes Farengar an accomplice.

This could be cracky or serious, but I think it would be interesting.

Re: M/F!DB/Paarthurnax/Farengar

Why. Why hasn't anyone wrote anything for this? D8 Totally want!

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M!DB/Any husband, unable to have children angst

Specific prompt is specific but I'm going to throw it out here. I want to see a M!DB (Not picky about races but Nord preferred because they are manly and delicious) angst over the fact that they can't have children with their husband. Maybe they have to babysit someone's kid (Adrianne Avenicci and War-Bear's? Astrid and Arnbjorn's?) and realise how much joy a child can bring.

But they can't have one. I want to see some h/c between the husband of your choice and a depressed M!DB. A sweetroll if you make that husband Farkas, but it can be anyone of your choice. It's up to A!A if they end up having sexytimes and/or adopt a kid from Honorhall.

Re: M!DB/Any husband, unable to have children angst

Wow... now I have this mental image of an incredibly cute baby!Ulfberth... with a massive beard. I'm trying to write some mega angst, this is not helping!

Hehe, interesting prompt OP.

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A Date With Sheogorath Any!DB/Sheogorath/Strawberry Torte

So DB gets whisked away to the Shivering Isles, for whatever reason, and hey presto there's a 'strawberry' torte and a Sheogorath waiting for them.

Sex is optional. I'd prefer a F!Breton, but it's no big deal really.

Bonus points if the 'strawberry' torte is actually chocolate or something. Extra bonus points if DB Wabbajacks Sheogorath at some point.

Re: A Date With Sheogorath Any!DB/Sheogorath/Strawberry Torte

What the?

Any Male/ Brelyna Maryon, Worst. Blowjob. Ever.

Exactly what it says on the tin: Brelyna being bad at oral.

Why Brelyna? Why not?

Why have her be bad at it? Lulz of course!

Just don't do anything too nasty, aight?

Re: Any Male/ Brelyna Maryon, Worst. Blowjob. Ever.

Brelyna is the blowjob girl (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hm7pp_JFOs)

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Dragonborn/Dragon - bdsm and bondage

The dragonborn captures a dragon, puts a bridle and saddle on it and rides it around, to it's utter humiliation.

Would prefer F!Dragonborn and a female dragon. Anything else you can think to do between a humanoid creature and a giant lizard is gravy.

Dragon Humiliation

Part 1

I was feared once. A powerful, ancient Blood Dragon. These pitiful vermin cowered beneath me at but a whisper of my Thu'um. And now I, Aradace, am but a captive, no, a slave to the one they call Dragonborn.

After Alduin's defeat, many dragons chose to follow the Way of The Voice, submitting to the Dovahkiin as the dominant dovah in Mundus. But many did not. We would not give up our proud ways, and continued to dominate and destroy the land of Skyrim as we pleased. The Dovahkiin did not take this lightly. She hunted down many of us, defeating and dominating many dovah. Hearing of her skill, I decided that if anyone was going to rule the dragons, it might as well be me, the invincible Aradace. What a fool I was.

I had tracked her to an open field, near the hold of Whiterun. Planning to roast her from the sky, never giving her a chance to attack me on the ground, I swooped over the Dragonborn, blasting her with a powerful YOL TOR SHUL! The flame burst from my maw, incinerating everything within ten feet of the Dragonborn. "That's the end of that," I thought with a self-satisfied smirk. Before I could even react, a Shout I had never heard before, (I, the all-knowing Aradace!), launched out of the billowing smoke, hitting me directly. A strange feeling washed over me, making me feel.....weak. Defenseless. Humbled. I plummeted out of the sky, crashing into the wide plains with a tremendous smash. As I lay there, losing consciousness, I saw a figure appear above me. Smirking.

F!Dragonborn/Anyone - Dat Dovahkiin

At this point, I think it's safe to claim that the Dovahkiin is a total badass, I know it and you know it but the people of Skyrim don't seem to really understand just how badass the dragonborn really is.

Fus Ro Dah-ing the life out of someone?


Yelling Feim Zii Gron and jumping off of cliff sides only to land completely unscathed?

Frickin' awesome

Doing both things then going and slaying a dragon with a damn war hammer?

Pretty frickin' badass amirite?

I want dragonborn, being totally awesome and having someone - someone who had never really paid her much attention to be completely and totally wooed.

Points if it's Ulfric who finally gets the gist of DB's badassery, and is all "im gonna tap that" and what not.

Preferably Nord female...

Re: F!Dragonborn/Anyone - Dat Dovahkiin

Dibs! Posting soon!

Werewolf and Dragonborn sandwich

I would love to see the Dragonborn between the werewolf twins
Cookie bonus! (if Dragonborn is Argonian, Khajiit, Orc or High elf, they don't get enough loving!)

You're head of the WHAT?

The Dragonborn can become the head of many organizations, and they never seem to know about each other.

I want a scene with someone in one organization finding out that the Dragonborn is in charge of more than their little group. I'd be particularly interested in the Thieves' Guild finding out the Dragonborn is the Listener, but I'm open to other possibilities too.

One caveat: I cannot picture the Companions finding out about the Dark Brotherhood ending without bloodshed or DB being kicked out. Can't picture them being okay with the Thieves' Guild, either. (Of course, I would be totally down for an angsty fic about one of the Companions feeling betrayed upon finding out about this--just not "Oh hey that's cool.")

Re: You're head of the WHAT?

Haha this always bothered me when I played! Seconding~

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Little WTF Fics

Give me any and all minifills about your weirdest Skyrim moments. I'll start off below.

They Never See It Coming

"A Briarheart," Marcurio swore under his breath. "And we're almost out of health potions. You think we can sneak back out before he sees us?"

Kailei waved her hand dismissively. "Just stay there. I've got this."

"I've got this" often meant "I'm going to go hide somewhere and snipe them with fireballs while you play the distraction." Marcurio groaned under his breath and readied a healing spell in one hand.

But his employer crept up right behind the man, still sitting calmly in front of the fire, and lifted his sword from its sheath.

Yes, very impressive, but he's a mage. Marcurio rolled his eyes.

She reached into his pocket, next, and pulled out a handful of gold. He didn't know why she did that to people they were minutes from killing anyway.

And then she slowly, slowly reached around his front--what in the Void? She was doing something, her elbow bobbing up and down with the movement of her hand, and Marcurio couldn't believe the man hadn't noticed her yet. She contorted her arm, almost bumping into him as she reached around--

--and the man fell over with a gurgle, gaping hole in his chest, Kailei grinning triumphantly with a briarheart in her hand.

Marcurio just sort of...blinked. The image didn't go away, so he blinked again. "Did you just--"

"Mmm-hmm," she replied smugly, bending down to rifle through the man's pockets, again.

"But that was--"

"Not pinned in securely enough, obviously," she said simply.

He decided to just stop thinking about it.

(I don't know what I love more, the fact that you can pickpocket Briarhearts' hearts, or the fact that it actually kills them.)

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PC/Erik the Slayer

He's so innocent and eager. I've wondered how he would react to some of the darker journeys of the Dragonborn. Preferably the Dragonborn (male or female, any race) taking advantage of Erik in someway. Leading to sex is a plus!

(Bonus if it takes place in a drawven cave, he doesn't seem to like those.)

I love this prompt someone write it please

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Any race/gender character getting captured by a giant and kept as a pet. Kept in a cage, petted, leashed, etc. Leading to a sexual scene is good, but no snuff or gore.

Yes. Please, somebody fill this.

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Desperate Vampire M/M

A M!Dragonborn unwillingly cursed with vampirism is desperately starving for blood in his haste to find the cure. His male spouse/lover, although terrified by the fact he'd contracted the disease, is willing to surrender under him and let the Dragonborn drink from him.

It'd be awesome if the (overprotective) Dragonborn doesn't accept his offer at first, and if his husband/lover reassures him that he'd be ok with it with coaxing him to drink. You know, because he cares about him so much.
Preferred men:
Vilkas, Farkas, Ulfric, Athis
Preferred DB be manly (ya know, hairy and strong) and human/elf.

Super super awesome if it can be fluffy (neck kissing, on a bed, not terribly violent) and maybe sexually thrilling to both of them and lead to smut. It's all good to me!

Re: Desperate Vampire M/M

Someone write this. I'm dying to read this ; __ ;

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The Longest Night (Spectral Assassin/F!Dunmer) - 1/?

Summary: Injured and stranded from a contract gone awry, Riva must survive long enough for help to arrive. Lucien doesn't intend to let her give up the fight.
Protective!Lucien, a bit of dominance, and a bit of dream-porn.

Sequel to The Little Death ( http://skyrimkinkmeme.livejournal.com/1639.html?thread=107111#t107111 )

Tags: es_skyrim, char:F!PC, char:spectral_assassin, char:lucien_lachance, race:Dunmer, relationship:het, kink:dom


White. The entire world was white, save for the spilled-ink coat of the horse beneath her, and Riva supposed she was grateful for the breath-freezing chill of the snowstorm, if only because it dulled the pain somewhat. Hypothermia would claim her before much longer, though, if she failed to reach the Sanctuary, and she could already feel the tell-tale detachment beginning.

Good. The cold felt good. It stole its way into the steel arrowhead lodged in her hip and seemed to suck the heat from the bone itself, but she knew this was wrong, so wrong… the pain should be blinding, as every jostling step that Shadowmere took caused the injured joint to move.

And then the endless white transitioned to darkness as her eyelids slid closed of their own accord, and the pain was blinding as she tumbled to the snow-cloaked ground. (The voice screaming to the swirling white sky must have been hers, but she did not feel the words on her own lips.)

This was it, then. She wouldn’t be getting back astride – the shard of metal had shifted, grated deeper into her flesh and now the slightest movement set fresh blood seeping from the wound, steaming as it fell against the pristine snow. Shadowmere had doubled back to paw at the ground and snort beside her, but Riva could no more climb onto the demon-horse’s back than she could pluck the moons from the night sky. She was going to die here, another nameless corpse in a sea of snow, fit only to feed the scavengers at the first spring thaw. Strange, that the realization brought no sense of fear, or of anger – there was only relief, that now she could stop fighting to hold on. She had done all she could.

Riva.” The deep baritone sounded nearby, barely heard above the howling of the wind, but she could see the patch of luminosity that was Lucien, washed-out and all but invisible in the storm. He hadn’t been with her on that night’s ill-starred mission. When had she - ?

He spoke again, but his words were whisked away on the ice-strewn wind along with Shadowmere’s presence as the horse took to a gallop once more. Then he knelt, and somehow Riva felt a faint, cool pressure against her brow – that chill not one of winter ice, but of deep shadow and fresh-whetted steel.

How she knew the difference, she would never quite figure out.

The Longest Night (Spectral Assassin/F!Dunmer) - 1b/?

“Shadowmere flies, dear sister.” The voice cut through the haze in her mind, and Riva shook her head weakly, not wanting to think, to care. If she cared, it hurt more…. And if she stopped, maybe she could fall asleep… sleep would be so very nice… but Lucien kept talking, and a part of her cursed him for always being able to command her attention, even as the dregs of her self-preservation grasped at the sound of his voice like a life-line. “I believe we are near the Sanctuary, and she will bring aid. You need only hold on until she returns.”

Riva didn’t want to hold on. She had held on to Shadowmere’s back, and look where that left her. “Just… want to sleep…” she protested faintly. Maybe he would take pity on her and let her rest, just for a while.

Listen to me, Riva.” It was a command, one that seemed to bypass her will to open her eyes directly and drag them sluggishly toward him, though ice had caked upon her lashes and felt like lead. “This is not your time. You must stay here.”

“Death didn’t seem to keep you away from your work.” How could he even hear her? She couldn’t hear herself over the wind, the wind was so loud…

He stayed silent, and she knew by the look on the faint lines of his face that he would not dignify that protest with a response. It hadn’t been fair, she knew, but oh, she wanted to sleep, and he wouldn’t let her…

The ghostly fingers slipped under her hood and into her hair, lifting her head slightly off the snow. Detail bled from Lucien’s form, as if he had to concentrate all the substance he had into fingers and palm to move her just that little bit. “Sister,” he said, more quietly, “there is a hummock just over there that will break the wind. I need you to get yourself to it.”

“I can’t see – “

“I will guide you.”


(Character limit, why do you hate me so?)

M!Orc/M!Nord - Manly Men Doing Manly Men

The only people as rugged and full of badassery as the Nords are the Orcs of Skyrim. I want to see a ridiculously macho Orc Dragonborn getting it on with an equally macho Nord -or the other way around if you prefer a Nord Dragonborn- while or after doing something incredibly awesome.

OP here

I'm also more than down with a female Orc and Nord pair if you want to go that route, but please, no het.

F!Dragonborn & Cicero - pregnancy

For this, I'd like a Listener who actually likes Cicero and is tolerant of his weirdness (perhaps even enjoys it).

The Listener has been away on other business for some time and has communicated by missives. When she returns, it turns out she's pregnant - and not by one of the Brotherhood men.

How does our jester react? Is he jealous, solicitous, curious and constantly getting under Babette's feet during checkups? As the DB is all about taking life out of the world, does the idea of the Listener bringing one into it break his brain a little? Or, considering the state of his mind, a happy combination of all of the above?

Moving into smut, or keeping it strictly platonic is entirely up to a!a.

Bonus points for lactation kink (or just straight-up platonic ANR).

Re: F!Dragonborn & Cicero - pregnancy

yesyesyesyesyesyesYes YES!
I LOVE you Op!
oh, if only I had such skill ;-;
Though. I promise to you op, that if this fill is ignored ( >:I )
I shall do my best for this all epic request
And TRY to fill it.....ehehehe, possible A!A is nervous, P!A!A hasn't wrote in a very long time :I

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Cicero/F!DB Love letters

That's right! First time Op here! (and possible A!A to prompt above)
I would love to see Cicero leaving love letters for the Listener. Maybe a song or even just a journal section about his feelings for her.

Could lead to smut, up to A!A (if filled that is)

- Any race, or Gender (though bonus points for F!Breton :3)

- I'd like to see the listener be polite to Cicero but honestly uncomfortable around him, or find his puppy like loyalty cute. (again this isn't in stone, there's allllways room for author creativity)

-Dark obsession, or adorable infatuation please!

Since I have finally made my first request. Its off to fill some prompts for me! PLEASE A!A PLEASE!

Re: Cicero/F!DB Love letters

Oh my god. This is the most beautiful prompt I've ever read.

F!Dragonborn/Argis the bulwark

Please can someone fill this? he's just so unappreciated but hot.
Bonus if she's a Nord.

Re: F!Dragonborn/Argis the bulwark



dimensional travel shenanigans brought on by the Elder Scroll results in...this.

F!DB and any Male!Orsimer - sweetness!!!

So was it just me or did anyone else fall in love with the Orc design for Skyrim? I mean, there just so rugged and big and...oh my...

I really want to see an F!DB (preferably a Breton or Bosmer, since they're typically shorter than the rest) have this same surprised/sexual attraction towards any Male Orc of A!Anon's choosing, could be an OFC or NPC, I'm not picky. I do though want some misunderstood sweet fluff and sexy sexins if possible.

Bonus Love for:
- height kink and size kink
- unexpected attraction that makes the Male!Orc confused at first with the little infatuated DB.
- outdoorsy sex - rough and passionate!

I don't really have any squicks or triggers aside from anal and noncon, but dubcon is fine and roughness is all well and good.

Oh! and I'll also draw an art fill for this if it gets filled! Please A!Anons!

Re: F!DB and any Male!Orsimer - sweetness!!!

OP, I don't know how long it will take me, but I too love the Orsimer and will fill this when I get the chance. <3

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A!Anon (Anonymous) Expand

Erandur/ male DB

Anything, anywhere with Erandur and a male dovahkiin.

No khajjit, orcs, argonians.

Preferably: dunmer, bosmer, nord

Please :)

Naughty letters

So this anon has a major kink for letters, especially anonymous letters. So what I'd love to see is a F!dragonborn suddenly getting naughty letters or short notes slipped to them. Either she and her secret admirer exchange letters or the dragonborn just keeps getting these notes and she franticly tries to figure out who is sending them.

Would kill for sexy letters that ends in major sexy times :)
Oh and the Li is up to the anon!

Re: Naughty letters

Anon will add this to her growing list of prompts to fill because this is such an awesome idea.

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Male Dragonborn, preferrably Nord, double-teams Ulfric with Galmar. Preferrably with Ulfric on the bottom. Please? The future High King needs some lovin' from two devoted subjects.

Re: M!DB/Ulfric/Galmar

I am so ready for this, you don't even know. The idea of Ulfric in the middle of a man sandwich just gives me the biggest sherection

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Oooh, this is gonna be goooooood, I can just smell it.... *eats popcorn*

Misfire: Corn

"What exactly is this, then?" Delvin eyed the bowl full of amber-coloured kernels before turning to Cain, Dragonborn, Thane of Riften, active member of the Thieves Guild, and, it seemed, connoisseur of unique and unknown foods.

"The Redguard fellow called it "popcorn"; apparently these little pods become all soft and fluffy if you heat it over a fire," Cain continued, beckoning all the other Guild members around the cooking pot in the Cistern. Nobody else seemed quite as enthused as the Imperial, but Cain reassured himself that they would all come around once they tasted it. (How could something be both fluffy and crunchy at the same time?)

And so a dozen-or-so odd figures were standing around the lone cooking pot in which Cain was pouring his unidentified bag of kernels with far more enthusiasm than, to the rest of them anyway, was necessary. "Just hang on, everyone, this is going to be fantastic when it's done," he reassured, flashing the group a wide smile.

Mercer was the first to grow tired of this seemingly pointless exercise, letting out a sigh of exasperation and turning on his heel to return to his desk. Cain immediately left his post by the cooking pot to persuade Mister Grumpypants (not that he would ever use said nickname out loud but at least he could be impudent in his head). Halfway to Mercer's desk, Cain heard one of the kernels let out a faint "pop!" and he could only watch in horror as one perfectly popped piece of corn flew straight over him and hit the Guildmaster square in the back of the head.


The Imperial froze. That was not supposed to happen. The Guildmaster was supposed to be so impressed by Cain's unique and sophisticated tastes that he would sweep the Dragonborn off to Riftweald where they would make sweet, sweet love among, Cain assumed, Mercer's many stolen goods. At this point, Mercer's Dwarven blade through his chest was probably the closest to that fantasy that the Dragonborn could expect.

The cooking pot, now left unattended, was now spitting popcorn in all directions. If Cain's attention wasn't fixed somewhere far more life-threatening, he would have noticed several kernels get lost in Cynric's hood, Sapphire's startled yelp as a piece of corn hit her eye, and even Vex' sound of approval as she expertly catches a morsel in her mouth. He could have even appreciated the spectacle of Brynjolf rushing to cover the pot with his hands (clearly nobody in the Thieves Guild had heard of lids) and flinching every time a stray kernel smacks him in the face.

The Dragonborn, however, did not notice any of those things. All he saw was his favourite Breton turning and making a beeline for the spitting pot of corn, and before Cain could even appreciate the view of Mercer's behind while he was walking away, he was back, and the entire bowl of (what remained of) popcorn was dumped on the Imperial's head.

"But it's tast-," was all Cain could get out before he was pushed backwards into the shallow pool of the Cistern.

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Fill-A-Thon Is Now In Progress!!

Welcome Sky'memers to our Third Fill-a-Thon! We've got some great last minute prompts and some old ones that are looking for a kind A!anon to whisk them away. From here until March 8th we are in Fill mode. No new prompts, just wonderful fills, art, discussions and maybe the casual misfire or two.

Get working those fingers Anons, it going to be a wonderful week!

Also, please welcome our newest Mod – fus_roh_mod. You might see them pop up every now and then when trouble is lurking and problems need solving. It may also go without saying, but this meme just keep growing and getting better everyday thanks to the wonderful prompters, creative a!anons, adoring commenters, and you lurkers out there. Keep on keepin' on!

P.S. Don't forget to keep in mind that adding tags to your fills before or after posting is one of the meme's rules – it helps keep things running smoothly and slippery. Don't be shy to add your own summary as well.

, Mod


I want to know if you're liking where this is going or not.

Misfire Lovin' -- "Pleasant Dreams" -- Brynjolf/F!DB

Her smile was wicked as she let one finger drag down her throat and along her collarbone, delving lower and lower by the second. Her smile was wicked, her gaze inviting as she leaned forward, giving him a rather pleasant view of her bosom.

"I want to know if you're liking where this is going or not," she said, her voice teasing. But his mouth was too dry to respond, so he merely gaped at her.

"Brynjolf," she said, her lips brushing against his ear as her fingers delved into her bodice. "Brynjolf!" her voice was sharper, less seductive, more like... NO.

And then he was awake, his hands upon the throat of Delvin. The man looked as shocked as Brynjolf felt.

"This had better be important." Brynjolf growled, giving the man one good shake before he released him. He would come back to this dream later. Because he had very much liked where it was going.


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